Who is Travis C. Patterson

Greatness is when destiny meets opportunity. Travis C. Patterson is a Man of God, an Author, Writer, Consultant, Mentor, Social Entrepreneur, and Influencer. Travis is a 4X International acclaimed Author and Speaker on career development, business lead generation, self-help, personal development, entrepreneurship, and leadership. With mentors of his own in every area of his life, he is constantly pursuing greatness through God and dares you to find your greatness. He has shared valuable content with millions of readers online through digital magazines and social media that has touch and improved lives to inspire social change for all people. He has influenced millennials as an influencer through writing in over 29 English Speaking countries. He ghostwrites for authors across the globe and teaches aspiring authors to launch and publish their stories. Through his gifts that God has made a way for, Travis has helped kickstart and forward the careers of hundreds of coaches, authors, entrepreneurs, and career professionals.

“What will be heard when people listen to you?” – Travis