How To Create A Facebook Ad to Target Everyone who attended The NFL Super Bowl or NBA ALL-STAR Weekend

By TravisCPatterson

Ever been to an event and there was someone after the event to offer you something to accompany your experience? Something like A Tee Shirt, Snow Globe, Tickets to the next event, but cheaper?

2019 NFL Super Bowl Attendance: 70,081

Imagine, according to Wikipedia finding that Attendance‎ to 2019 NFL Super Bowl was ‎70,081 in Atlanta, GA. This does not include the other visitors who went to ATL to enjoy all of the festivities. This is a whole group of people who are so hyped and primed for spending.

Imagine, every person who was there at the exact time of something unique happening during the game, that they look at their phone after snapping a picture of their friend and you see an AD saying “Enjoying The Game? There is an after party {HERE} as soon as you the game is over. Get your ticket now before 4th Quarter for an Early Bird 30% off Discount. See you soon!”

2019 NBA All Star Weekend Attendance: 16,215

Of course, this number does not include the people who went to Charlotte just to hang and party and have fun. Again, according to Wikipedia
16,215 attended 2019 NBA All-Star Weekend in Charlotte, NC.

The Scenario, the whole world goes crazy after the impossible happens. You don’t want to forget this moment, so you get on Facebook or Instagram to make sure you rub it in the faces of everyone who couldn’t make it, so you take a picture or check in to the location.

Then you see, “DID YOU SEE THAT DUNK?! Need to cool down? After the Slam Dunk Contest, come by {PLACE} to enjoy a free cone with the purchase of a cool drink. Tell the cashier, The Game Was Hot, and they will hook you up. See you soon!”

Every event, every place, anywhere can be targeted this way. Comeback in a week, and I’ll tell you exactly how. Talk soon. 🙂

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