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Welcome! If you are here, I know that you are seeking a better way to accomplish something that you care about. Journey to The Finish Line as we simplify how to take the lead and control of your goals.


A few things that I know about you are that you work hard, your potential evolves with you, and that your story doesn't have a final chapter yet. Let's discover more ways to take action on your growth.


Fortune 500 consultant with over 10 years of interview preparation, career management/development, and professional/personal development coaching.


The Finish Line Podcast is about getting through obstacles to reach the end of your goals. The focuses are interviews and careers. It's published on most popular streaming networks. Subscribe for loads more of free coaching and teaching.

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You will learn how to get the results you want.

Increase your Career & Interview Confidence

More than 85% of the interview experience is about the connection that you make with the interviewer & company. Discover tools to leave your next interview with confidence. 

About Travis

Podcast Host | Author

Travis is a speaker, interview coach, and writer with a background in Human Resources Recruitment & workforce management.

He has interviewed thousands of candidates and worked with hundreds of resume & interview clients.

Journey to The Finish Line as we simplify how to take the lead and control of your interviews.

Travis helps people get the interview that they really want by teaching proven career development strategies and technique.

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